Expressing a Vision: Willow Creek


During my time at AMX, I was the ghost-writer for many magazine articles. As many industry publishers would not accept articles from vendors, I created stories for our integrators, who didn’t have a professional writing staff. However, I was able to submit a story under my own name for Technologies for Worship magazine called Expressing a Vision: Willow Creek, which covered the technology, but focused on leadership. I’ve been a worship sound tech for a few decades, and how the church met the vision, rather than the stuff, was impressive to me. You can click on the link above to read the full story, but my conclusion was this:

In the end, the Willow Creek story really isn’t about technology; it’s about how technology, architecture, and people can work together to meet a common vision.

  • Define the Vision. A new project begins with a reason. Leadership should clearly define measurable goals, preferably in terms of people, not things.
  • Earn and Accept Authority. Willow Creek’s team had earned leadership’s trust, having the clear responsibility to conform the design to the stated objectives.
  • Find Wisdom. In addition to in-house experts, consultants and integrators are important resources for any successful project.
  • Plan. The project team should be given the time to preset a well-reasoned plan and budget to leadership. Technology often rewards those who wait.
  • Keep in the Loop. Keep the team together and communicating throughout the project to ensure what is designed well is installed correctly.
  • Mobilize the Membership. You’ll receive a lot less resistance from the congregation if they are partners in the solution.

Finally, speaking for all the sound, video, lighting and staging staff serving in worship spaces around the world – thanks guys, for getting it right.