AVin Motion

The AV integration market is in transition – and it’s always been in a state of change. Slides give way to computer graphics, overhead projectors light into document cameras, analog sound boards fade up to digital (thankfully), and video is in the process of switching from baseband to IP.

At the same time, some things stay the same. Video is still a series of pictures in motion. Live sound still requires EQ, mixing, effects, multichannel distribution, and faders, but all those peripherals are now in one sound board. The great Control Duopoly of Crestron and AMX remains, but leadership has shifted back and forth a few times. Today the lead dog is Crestron, and AMX is whatever it is now….

The viewpoint of this blog is as a traditional AV guy (me), learning new tricks as I and my readers adapt to the present tense of control, audio, video, and presentation technology.